Metal Monsters 2015


Just little more than one week later I’ve managed to find time to write a short article about Metal Monsters 2015. I apologize to everyone waiting for pictures but I forgot my memory card at home last week. And I had some things to do through the weekend and a... Read more»

Use Less’s 10th anniversary


Friday. 3rd December. 2015. 21:30 o’clock. Orto bar. Ljubljana. Slovenia. Use Less 10th anniversary gig with support from EstWind. Untill 21:30 we just had some fun in the backstage. Laughed a bit and a bit cried (because of the smoke in the small room). Than EstWind got on the stage... Read more»

Hole Of Metal 2015 After Movie


I finaly had some time to start making the promised Hole Of Metal after movie. It was my first time making a movie at all. I hope you will enjoy it even with not the best footage and not a professional edit. I did my best and next time it... Read more»

Once Was Never EP Release


Yesterday was a big day for my friends from Once Was Never band. The have finally released their first EP entitled “Lighthouse In The Abyss”. The event started precisely at 10:10:10 o’ clock with Morbid Creation. After them Lintver heated up the place with some kicka**-trash metal! They even played... Read more»

Hole Of Metal 2015 Day #2


Hello everybody! We can describe saturday as the D day. The one that lives above us surely doesn’t like metal and he tried to stop us a few times. He even managed to blow off the electricity on the stage BUT we repaired it!!! The heavy rain around 7 PM... Read more»

Hole Of Metal Day #1


Hello my beautiful supporters and followers! I’ve been busy during the summer and I haven’t been active on the page for too long! Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have left you alone… BUT! Now I’m here with a big, big album to share with you. Recently I’ve been the co-organizer... Read more»

Gora Rocka’s photos


As promised, I’ve uploaded the photos on Flickr for the HighQuality gallery. There are just photos from the stage and not from the daily activities. Enjoy the view and thank you for your support! If you like the photos feel free to comment or share. :) CheerS!   .:: For... Read more»