About me

Hi, I’m Sani. Nice to meet you.

I would describe me as a talkative guy that tried a lot of things in his life. As a Gemini, I’ve always had a lot of hobbies and I tried to multitask as much as possible. My every day was always full of different sports, music, and friends. By the end of high school, photography became my main priority beside playing the guitar.

My photography path started in a small music club where I used to shoot concerts every weekend. With a very poor light and my first Nikon, I’ve learned to be patient, to think before I shoot and mainly to communicate with people. In 2014, Gora Rocka team accepted my application for the festival photographer. I did what I knew best and consequently the invite to be their photographer followed.

In the meantime, my friend Mitja taught me some basics of graphic designing which I developed in a more advanced knowledge.

Videography got me when I saw Marko Duplišak doing his job on a set. Later I’ve started my videography career with the band Pikapolonica, followed by Cowboys From Hell and so on.

2017’s Santa brought me more than just a material gift. He brought me a new job. Now I’m a multimedia producer at KingsBox. I’ve finally reached one of my goals – develop a hobby into a full-time job.

People usually describe me as a funny, talkative and happy person. I always give my heart and soul in every project I do. I’m maybe even a bit of a perfectionist.