Gora Rocka 2017

Gora Rocka 2017

“The mountain will shake and rock will be played” is the slogan most of us know very well. Yeah, I’m talking about Gora Rocka. I was up there on Šentviška’s mountain once again and as you can already guess, it was magnificent again. I took plenty of photos and meet a lot of new people and that’s what matters to me. It is a big, big honour to be part of such team and I’m really thankful that they welcomed me with hands wide open.

Just some words about the festival. Gora Rocka is a special fest that takes place in the Slovenian mountains. You need to get high up until you almost touch the sky. At the moment you touch the ground on Šentviška’s mountain, a big wave of energy fills your heart so you can properly relax and enjoy yourself. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join us yet, try next year. Unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

You can see all the photos on Gora Rocka’s official Facebook page and on their website. Later on, I will post some photos on my Filcker page.


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